About Velocity Publishing Group

Here at Velocity, our mission is to help authors publish their original, creative work.

The idea for Velocity Publishing Group, Inc. was conceived in 2008 when a team of writers joined forces to form their own publishing company that caters to the needs of authors and the readers, rather than a corporate machine consumed by volume and profits. Thankfully, with new technology, social media, digital platforms, and the ease of Internet search engines, writers are no longer at the mercy of the corporate publishing landscape. Velocity takes pride at being an author-friendly publishing company offering a substantially higher royalty rate than mainstream publishers.

We encourage aspiring writers, established authors, and everyone in between to submit their copyrighted literary work to Velocity, regardless of genre. We’re committed to inspire you, help foster your creativity, and assist you in reaching your artistic goals.

Contact us today to learn more about teaming with Velocity and getting your work published.

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